Assalamu Alai'kum

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Welcome to the web page of Baitul Aziz Islamic Cultural Centre. Our website is designed to help you find information about our mosque, facilities available and the daily prayer times.

Originally a tiny shop basement in Newington Crescent where only local children attended Arabic classes, then in about 1990 they acquired the current site at Dickens square and with a 10 years' planning permission a small masjid was built. The old masjid had access for men only and got crowded during Jummah and Tarawih prayers as it only held up to 400 people. Children attended Arabic and Bengali classes. The new Baitul Al Aziz Islamic Cultural Centre holds around 2500 people and also provides facilities for women. It is now a multi cultural Mosque as Muslim men and women from different ethnicity come to pray and send there children for studying Arabic and Hifz classes.